Frequently asked questions

Apitox is a homeopathic medicine based on bee venom that is a potent anti inflammatory and soothing, recommended for any process that involves inflammation and pain, especially joints, tendons, muscles, etc. It is a natural product.
No, due to the procurement system used. Nowadays it is widespread to obtain apitoxin by stimulating the bee by an electric current, which prompts it to sting, depositing a drop of poison in a glass from where it can be extracted, allowing the animal to continue alive. You can see more about the collection method here.
Apitox is the brand of our product and the active substance is bee venom. Other products called Apitoxin handle a concentration of bee venom hundreds of times lower. Only Apitox contains the dose necessary to achieve a beneficial effect on health. The big difference is in the concentration of active ingredient that our product has, backed by the M.S.P.
Because it improves joint microcirculation, favoring the formation of cartilage, in addition to deflating the area.

Usually, people who were bitten by a bee already have an idea of how they react to the poison. A swelling in the area and itching is normal to occur. The allergy manifests with shortness of breath, swelling throughout the body and the person can become hospitalized.
In the case of being allergic you should not use our products. If your reaction to the bite is unknown, the dose at which the treatment is started is low and allows us to detect any signal of rejection of the poison. For your peace of mind you can try the cream or gelEstes produtos são adequados para diabéticos?.

If the person is insulin dependent should not use these products. In case of diabetes, consultation with the attending physician is recommended.
These products should not be used during pregnancy and lactation, nor by anticoagulated and insulin dependent people.
Although it does not interact directly with other medications, there is caution in patients using anticoagulants since Apitox has a vasodilator action.
You should never abandon the medication prescribed by your doctor. Always inform your attending physician that you will consume Apitox.
- Sublingual tablets in blister of 25 slotted units, in a white and orange box (only presentation).
- Topical cream of 21 grams in an aluminum knob, inside a box is white with orange (only presentation).
- Apitox gel of 30 grs in orange lid pot with a black label without another type of packaging (only presentation).
- Apitox patches in white box with orange containing 3 golden envelopes each with a patch.
Sublingual tablets are supplied for one week, half a daily fasting tablet (preferably). Then continue with a whole tablet daily until the blister is finished. From the second blister the dose can be increased if you did not find relief with one, two tablets daily not together, one on an empty stomach and the other in the afternoon away from meals. A maximum dose of three tablets per day can be reached. When the desired relief is found, it is lowered gradually to a daily tablet that is the maintenance dose. It is not necessary to take rest from use, it is not advisable to abandon the treatment.
Most of the pathologies that are treated with Apitox are chronic and irreversible, while the bee venom is in your body you will feel the relief if you stop using it probably the pain thrusts will return over time.
The first tablet is best consumed on an empty stomach.
It means that the tablet is placed under the tongue until it dissolves.
It is not accompanied by any liquid or chewed or swallowed.
If you swallow the tablet, gastric juices inactivate the active substance therefore it has no effect.
No. The tablets contain saccharin which is a sweetener.
Either presentation is applied to the pain area with a circular massage in small quantities.
The gel, unlike the cream, is a liposome product that produces a faster absorption of the poison, crossing all the layers of the skin allowing faster relief, while the cream, although it contains the same amount of poison, requires more massage.
The dressing or patch is removed from the gold envelope. First the white paper flaps are removed, it is placed in the area of pain that has to be dry, it is tightened well and finally the protective plastic that has a colored strip is removed. Only one patch can be applied at a time and left for 48 hours. If it is well placed, it should not peel off and you can bathe with the patch on. Keep in mind that the patch size is 10 x 15 therefore it must adapt to the area where you want to use.
In no way can we cut the patch, as it loses its effect. The poison is deposited in the center of the dressing and if cut it does not fulfill its function.
For chronic cases where inflammation and pain predominate, it is always best to treat with the tablets to stop the thrusts and so that the inflammation does not progress. If the pain is caused by a blow or a bad movement and we just want to relieve, in that case you can apply any of the other products, always considering the area of the body. If it is a flat and easily accessible place, placing a patch keeps us relieved without the need to apply another product in the same area. If the pain is in several areas, the gel or cream is recommended as it will be more practical.
The treatment with tablets can also be performed using cream or nano gel or one patch at a time.
Each organism is unique, the time varies in each person. In the case of tablets it is estimated that the effect is seen at approximately 30 days. The other products for being topical use are fast acting.
Apitox is sold in pharmacies throughout the country, except in Farmashop chains. And if you are outside Uruguay, contact us and we can make international shipping.